At AWF, lions roar, tigers chuff, leopards stalk and mountain lions play.

On your tour day, one of our trained staff will conduct a walking tour of the grounds and homes of our wild animals.

This is an up close and personal, hour-long program beginning with an introduction and history of AWF and information about the different species of animals. You learn each animal’s personal story and there is time for Q+A.

Guests are invited to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the grounds before or after their tour.

We offer private and group tours by appointment. For details: 818-370-5809 or



Exciting special tours for schools and other youth groups (Scouts, etc.). Our volunteers will conduct a walking tour of the sanctuary.

Kids get up close and personal lessons on the nature and habits of these beautiful animals. Memory day activities, photo opportunities and a picnic lunch round out their day. 

Minimum donation for groups of 15 or more: $10.00/person.  Contact us to arrange your visit.

Your group can sponsor a cat. This is a wonderful chance for kids to experience the joy of helping support the needs of a special wild friend.
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